We are delighted to announce the brand-new Icons exhibition in collaboration with Cambridge’s premier modern and contemporary Art Hound Gallery. Launching on Thursday 24 September the exhibition runs until 31 January, and celebrates some of the many pop culture legends associated with Riverside Studios throughout the venue’s diverse history, with portraits of Amy Winehouse, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Princess Diana, among others.  

What makes an icon? From Hollywood legends, to Rock and Roll superstars and theatrical stars, icons have been an inspiration for a wave of artists exploring pop culture and beyond.  Riverside Studios has played host to so many icons and this exhibition picks out some of the most iconic: from The Sex Pistols to Amy Winehouse, from Prince and David Bowie. This selection of artwork by some of the most exciting Contemporary Artists on the scene, explores the symbolism of iconography from historical figures, to the greater inspiration of the Universe and the very notion of what makes a "Star".

 The Art Hound Gallery Director Tom Arnold and Creative Director Natasha Dawn today said: “The Art Hound team is delighted to be collaborating with Riverside Studios, where so many of our personal icons have performed. Where we have snuck in to TV audiences, watched theatre and even had the odd audition back in the day. With our Icons exhibition we will be showing works by cutting edge artists which celebrate all these wonderful connections.”

Featuring work by exciting contemporary artists including David Studwell, Lauren Baker, Mark Illuminati and Terry Pastor, Icons will explore the notion of what makes a ‘star’ - from the symbolism and iconography of celebrity to the inspiration of the universe itself.

To purchase or see the full collection please click here