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DocHouse Presents DocHouse Presents
Cinema: 10 & 27 Mar, 17 Apr
Riverside Studios
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112 Weddings Cinema
A Farewell to Arms Cinema
A Separation (PG) & The Past (12A) Cinema
Archipelago (15) & Exhibition (15) Cinema
Bad Film Club: Piranha II: The Flying Killers (15) Cinema
Beyond the Edge (PG) Cinema
Black Swan (15) & Noah (12A) Cinema
Brazil (15) & The Zero Theorem (15) Cinema
Camberwell Beauty & Jubilee (15) Cinema
Certified Copy (12A) & A Thousand Times Good Night Cinema
Cleopatra (PG) Cinema
Coco Before Chanel (12A) & Yves Saint Laurent (15) Cinema
DDBD: Stranger by the Lake (18) Cinema
DDBD: Tom at the Farm (15) Cinema
DocHouse Presents....Voices from China Now Cinema
DocHouse Presents...Alone Cinema
DocHouse Presents...Pipeline Cinema
DocHouse presents...Forest of the Dancing Spirits Cinema
Dorian Gray Studio 3
East of Eden (PG) Cinema
Giant Cinema
H&F Arts Fest - Building Tour RS Building
Hamlet Studio 3
Headhunters (15) & Pioneer Cinema
Her (15) & Under the Skin Cinema
His Girl Friday (PG) & The Philadelphia Story (PG) Cinema
Hitchcock (12A) & Under the Skin Cinema
In Bruges (18) & Calvary (15) Cinema
Incendies (15) & Enemy Cinema
Inside Llewyn Davis (15) & Frank (15) Cinema
Jane Eyre (PG) & Tracks (12A) Cinema
Journey to Italy (PG) Cinema
KEFW: Mr. Peabody & Sherman (U) Cinema
KEFW: The Lego Movie (U) Cinema
KEFW: Tinker Bell: The Pirate Fairy Cinema
KEFW: Walking with Dinosaurs 2D (U) Cinema
KHTFW - Khumba (U) Cinema
KHTFW - Escape from Planet Earth (U) Cinema
KHTFW - Muppets Most Wanted (U) Cinema
KHTFW - Rio 2 (U) Cinema
KINO: Jack Strong Cinema
KINO: Lasting & AmbaSSada Cinema
KINO: Life Feels Good Cinema
KINO: Papusza Cinema
KINO: Sophie Seeks 7 Cinema
KINO: The Girl from the Wardrobe & Loving Cinema
KINO: Ticket to the Moon Cinema
KINO: Traffic Department Cinema
Kafr Kasem Cinema
LSFF - Splinters Cinema
Les Enfants du Paradis (PG) Cinema
Looking for Light Cinema
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present (15) & Dangerous Acts Cinema
Moonrise Kingdom (12A) & The Grand Budapest Hotel (15) Cinema
Nebraska (15) Cinema
Rashomon (12A) & A Touch of Sin Cinema
Rebel Without a Cause (PG) Cinema
Repulsion (15) & Locke (15) Cinema
Rome Open City (12A) Cinema
Searching for Sugar Man (12A) & 20 Feet from Stardom (12A) Cinema
Spanish Theatre - Domination of the Stage (Workshop) Studio 3
Spanish Theatre - Here and Now (Workshop) Studio 3
Spanish Theatre - Somewhere in the Quixote Studio 3
Spanish Theatre - The rhythm (Workshop) Studio 3
Spring in a Small Town Cinema
Starred Up (18) & The Double (15) Cinema
Strangers on a Train (PG) & Les Diaboliques (15) Cinema
Tabloid (15) & The Unknown Known (12A) Cinema
The Anonymous People Cinema
The Counterfeiters (15) & The Book Thief (12A) Cinema
The Dirties (15) Cinema
The Evil & Killing the Danes Studio 3
The Great Beauty (15) Cinema
The Invisible War Cinema
The Invisible Woman (12A) & In Secret (15) Cinema
The Love Punch (12A) Cinema
The Magic Word Studio 3
The Patrol (15) Cinema
The Punk Singer Cinema
The Rain that Washes Studio 3
The Selfish Giant & Starred Up (18) Cinema
The Wind Rises (PG) Cinema
To Kill A Mockingbird (PG) & 12 Years a Slave (15) Cinema
Together (15) & We Are the Best! (15) Cinema
Tokyo Story (U) & An Autumn Afternoon (PG) Cinema
Wadjda (PG) & The Lunchbox (PG) Cinema
Wake in Fright (18) & Blue Ruin (15) Cinema

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Today at Riverside Studios
17 Apr 2014
Dorian Gray
Studio 3:  2.30pm
Dorian Gray
Studio 3:  7.30pm
Cinema:  8.00pm
The Elusive Line
Gallery:  All day
Bar and Restaurant Closed: Saturday 19 April Lunchtime
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