Work Experience at Riverside

Work Experience at Riverside
Work Experience at Riverside

Work Experience at Riverside

30 November 2018

We might not be open just yet but there's still plenty to do as Jasara our work experience student from Ealing, Hammersmith and West London Colleges found out...

The week had passed too quick. First thing to point out is how amazing the people were, considering I was only on work experience, I felt like I genuinely worked there as a colleague, they trusted me with their work and allowed me to help with the research of the development of Riverside. When I started on Monday, I was a little nervous but more unaware of what my day would entail, however when I was inside, I was greeted with the warmest welcome from everyone and there was such a professional yet casual vibe in the room.

The morning involved going through the development of Riverside, the rooms were bare and empty, yet it was still interesting to see first-hand where it all starts and begins. I was then asked to do a spreadsheet about nearby businesses which the Studio could be interested in, even though I hadn’t used Excel in years, it was still appreciated. Towards the end of the day I experienced the more relaxed side of the job, painting a stencil onto car parking spaces wasn’t something I had ever done before, but nonetheless a skill I had learnt that day.

Later that week, I helped with another spreadsheet but for a different department this time, on this spreadsheet I looked around for theatre events happening in London’s well known theatres, it definitely gave me some insight on how much of an influence theatre has on the public, as well as how many events actually happen all year round.

That was also the day when the company started doing public surveys about the new development, I did it for an hour and in result realised that there are a lot more people who actually do surveys more than I thought, a lot of them were very interested and happy that Riverside was finally reopening. The day ended with me being invited to the company meeting, and it was far from what I had expected; I always imagined meetings to be serious, strict and to the point, but this meeting was full of laughs and stories, as well as the typical development updates of funding and plans. Yes, I did finish quite a bit later than I was meant to but it was truthfully worth it.

I felt like I learnt a lot from this work experience, I also feel like it gave me some insight about what I would want to do for a future career, it’s a great experience and the people of Riverside Studio’s make it even greater. I don’t regret working here at all.

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