Off to a Fine Art!

Off to a Fine Art!
Off to a Fine Art!

Off to a Fine Art!

1 August 2018

If you have been past Riverside Studios recently, you may have noticed a wonderful new addition to our building? Commissioned by our developers Mount Anvil and installed over three days in July, this fabulous artwork designed by Jo Hayes Ward is something we’re already very proud of.

The piece was created by London-based fine jewellery designer Jo Hayes Ward, whose designs are largely inspired by the concept of the many and the whole; the fine detail versus the big picture. Jo constructs jewellery from small building-block elements, creating pieces with both an architectural and organic aesthetic. She has carried that concept into the design for this much larger piece.  

Taking her inspiration from maps of London, Jo has based her composition very loosely on a bird's-eye view of the local area. The observer may recognise what it represents - Riverside Studios, the river and Hammersmith Bridge, or simply react to something which is beautifully abstract. 

Made up of sheets of anodised aluminium, these light-reflecting surfaces mirror the movement and fluidity of water, while building blocks symbolise the many (people, buildings, or ideas) coming together to form a vibrant whole. This really strikes a chord with the Riverside team. The overall effect is that the different groups will glow at different times as one moves around the artwork – or as the light changes around it.

We’re thrilled that Jo’s beautiful work is the first piece of art to grace the new Riverside Studios, and are looking forward to collaborating with a wealth of creative talent. 


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